Frequently Asked Questions


I am renting my wheelchair and walker, will this be hard to remove when I have to return it?
No! Have no worries that this will ruin rented equipment. SHRINKins uses no adhesive, therefore no sticky residue is left behind. For removal simply peel back the seam tape and the decoration practically falls off!

Are SHRINKins breathable to allow air to move through a fiberglass or waterproof cast?
YES! SHRINKins are perforated for casts. This allows for better air flow and breath ability with both casting materials.

Can I wear my shrinkins decoration on my waterproof cast when I swim?
YES! SHRINKins are safe to wear in the water. Your decoration will not smear or smudge. It does extend drying time of your cast, so after swimming, we recommend removing SHRINKins allowing your cast to dry normally. SHRINKins are reusable, so once dry- you simply reapply!

Why should I purchase SHRINKins?
SHRINKins are great for a variety of reasons. Is your arm cast covered in smeared signatures and drawings? Is your leg cast filthy from wear? Are your crutches scratched from use? Maybe, your cast is new and you'd like it to stay that way. Is your walker old, tired and needing new life? Your wheelchair may have seen better days as well... Maybe, its time to PIMP THAT RIDE! There are so may reasons for a person to want or need SHRINKins and we can't list them all. Maybe you just need to be creative and have some fun ... Come on then- live and laugh your way through your healing process with SHRINKins!

What can SHRINKins be used on and is it hard to apply?
You can use our decorative sheets on Orthopedic Plaster and Fiberglass Casts, Prosthetics, Wheelchairs, Canes, Walkers, Braces, Crutches and more! SHRINKins are very easy to apply. All you need is scissors, pen and a hair dryer! It takes seconds to secure your design and all you have left to do is shrink it!

If I decorate my cast, will it be permanent?
No. Each Designer Skin can be applied and removed several times and there is no sticky residue left after removal!

Is it safe to use on my dogs cast?
Definitely! Not only will your dog be the talk of the town, but it will help the cast stay clean and be more water resistant! SHRINKins can be used on any cast, brace or medical apparatus whether it be for children, adults or pets! Sometimes children and pets rip, peel and chew on items. We recommend if you notice any of the above, you remove the remainder of the skin to avoid a possible choking hazard.

Is there an age limit on this product?
SHRINKins has been enjoyed by children and adults of all ages. There is no age limit on laughter and happiness - so you can use SHRINKins to help everyone of all ages to help the healing process fly by.

How are these reusable?
When you are applying SHRINKins be sure to overlap the edge by 1/2 an inch, before taping. This is what allows more shrinkage when reapplying. When you want to change your design, gently peel the tape back at the seam. Put your skin in a safe place for reapplication at a later time.

I will need an x-ray while I'm wearing my cast. Does this cast art have any metal in it that will interfere with my x-rays?
That is a very good question. But no, there are no metallic particles in the ink that is used to print SHRINKins. Therefore, it is safe to wear during an x-ray.

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