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Decorate Wheelchairs, Walkers, Crutches, Casts, IV Poles and more! SHRINKins - The Healing Art are shrinkable decorations designed to help patients heal with a smile. SHRINKins decorating kits come in different designs that help patients show their personality, fashion and have fun! 

Are you feeling embarressed and self-conscious due to your medical device or orthopedic cast? Are you tired of people staring? Maybe your just bored and a little depressed. 

We can help turn that negative into a positive with Shrinkins The Healing Art Decorating Kits. These easy-to-use kits allow you transform your boring device into an actual work of art. Flaunt your unique individuality and spark great conversations with everyone you meet!

  • Jazz up a plain device in minutes
  • Great mood lifter & conversation starter
  • Promotes social engagement
  • Choose from a colorful variety of designs
  • Uses no adhesive, comes off cleanly
  • Can be reused again and again
  • Easy to clean and sanitize
  • For kids and adults

Applying Shrinkins to your orthopedic cast or mobility device is as easy as 1-2-3 — just wrap it, tape it, and shrink it. And there's no need to worry about removal; this decoration uses no adhesive and comes off cleanly in seconds without any sticky residue! 

Simply, Wrap it, Tape it and Shrink it with your blow dryer! 

IT'S THAT EASY! Visit AMAZON.COM to purchase!

Inspire - Create - Motivate

Promote Happier Healing With SHRINKins The Healing Art!

Happier, Healthier Healing

How Shrinkins can be an important roll in the healing process.

The powers of healing happen in many different ways. Some healing powers come naturally, such as laughter and happiness. I'm certain you've noticed how much better you feel after a good laugh. The mere fact that you feel better should make you realize that humor must be good for you. Research shows that laughter, happiness and a sense of humor, promotes physical health in numerous ways. This natural healing power plays an important roll in the healing process.

Another healing power is called Guided Imagery. What's that, you ask?  Guided Imagery is a simple tool that will empower your patients or loved one to become involved in their own healing. When they use their imagination and creativity through positive images, it will bring about healthful changes. Practitioners say that Guided Imagery works because picturing something and actually doing it are acknowledged as the same thing by your brain.     

  Guided Imagery, laughter and a sense of humor are some of the most powerful healing tools we have.  So, surround your patients and loved ones with the positive imagery of SHRINKins. Help them heal as they embrace the positive energy, creativity, motivation, laughter and smiles that SHRINKins can bring into their life. This may not be the happiest moment in time for your patient or loved one, but SHRINKins can help brighten their days and put a smile on their face! 



Our Commitment To You

Trilliam LLC is the patent holder, manufacturer, e-tailer, and innovator of the Made-in-the-USA Shrinkins The Healing Art products. Shrinkins Cast Decorating Kits and Device Decorating Kits help children and adults of all ages have a happier healing process! Our company was founded by Tracie Wood, the inventor of the Shrinkins The Healing Art. She herself was in an accident and had a long recovery and healing process where she used several boring devices. Thus inspiring a very cool and unique product!

Here at Trilliam LLC, we understand how you feel and are committed to helping you have a happier healing process. 

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